Friday, August 31, 2012

Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker

Set in the fantasy world of Tallenmere, the high elf Caliphany Aranea longs to explore the world and escape from her controlling father. Her dreams are fulfilled when she meets ranger and ship captain Galadin Trudeaux. But, when secrets from the past bring tragedy to those she loves, Caliphany must fight to hold on to the life she's always wanted.

     Caliphany "Cali" Aranea is the daughter of Sirius, leader of the Mage Academy, and his sole heir. After her brother died, Cali was pressured to follow in the family footsteps and one day take over her father's position at the Mage Academy. Stuck behind Leogard's walls, Cali longs for adventure and to find purpose in her life. Growing resentment and her impending betrothal to a man she cannot love, Cali makes a deal with a ranger/ship captain, Galadin Trudeaux. Cali offers to pay him in exchange for training in weapons, tracking, and hunting for the three months her father is away. Once her father returns, she knows she must give him up and deny the love she feels for him. When she returns home, her father confronts her with the knowledge of her secret rendezvous with Galadin and locks her up until she agrees to marry the man he has chosen for her. Using Galadin's training she is able to escape, thus starting down the path that will change her life forever.
     Galadin Trudeaux has secrets of his own, secrets he feels will keep him from ever gaining the love of Cali. Determined to protect her and see her happy, whether with or without him, he aides Cali in her escape, hoping for just one more day with her.

     It took me a while to get into this book, but the premise of the story hooked me and curiosity kept me going. There were times when I would have liked more detailed interaction between the characters, like Yura and Keevo. They seemed like great characters, but all we read of them were one liners, basically saying the same thing. I like how Cali starts out like most teenagers or young adults do when faced with the question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?" But as the book progresses she learns to believe in herself, and gains the maturity to make the right decision, even when its not the easiest one. Overall, the book was an entertaining read, though there were some rough spots here and there. A great book by a promising author in the fantasy genre.


  1. Thank you so much for your review, Emily! ~Mysti

  2. Lovely review, Emily. I loved this book myself and I loved the sequel, Serenya's Song, even more. I think Mysti Parker is really something special

    1. You're entirely too sweet, Jenny! But your encouragement keeps me going :) Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Mysti and Jenny. I can't wait to read the second book myself! I look forward to reading more from Mysti :)