Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blood, Lust & Spawns by Catharina Shields

(18+) ~ Chicago's "artiste du jour", Helena Davis, has been suffering insomnia for months. An eccentric recluse with a short temper and in-your-face attitude, Helena also possesses a generous heart and she regularly offers her artistic talent to the Chicago Police Department, free-of-charge, when they need her. One night, feeling cooped up in her loft, she's thankful when her friend and the Chief of Police with the Chicago Police Department, Don Tyler, calls in her help to do a forensic sketch for the only witness of a murder at the home of a wealthy media mogul. But that night she learns nothing is what it appears to be, and handsome but (in her opinion) arrogant Detective Alexander Morris helps her see, neither is she.

Wow. Just wow. I'm not sure if I loved it or if I want to throw it out of the window. 
  The story was great. Helena was a wonderful character that I felt for. She is an artist that can use any form of art, she just does it a different way. When a person talks to her she sees what they did or what they want shown through their emotions. The police use her talents on cases all of the time as a sketch artist for victims that have seen their attacker. When she is called into this murder case the first thing she notices is that all of the cops are hot. Not just pretty but down right H-O-T. To bad she doesn't like people and is an outcast by choice. But lately she has had a really hard time sleeping and just can't seem to focus. She sees something that she is sure had to be a hallucination. I mean after all, why would a cop sleep with someone and then bite them with honest to goodness fangs. After she freaks out and leaves she notices something weird with her eyes. Not to mention the fangs that keep sprouting in her mouth. 
  Alex is a cop. And not just any cop, but a "yummy gorgeous" one at that. He also happens to be a vampire in charge of a police precinct of vampires. He seems to really have a thing for Helena. He flirts with her and picks on her loving to get her riled up. When he finds out that she is half vampire and the only female capable on Earth to produce live offspring with a vampire, and not just any vampire, supposedly only with him, he thinks he will have to kill her. He can't allow a vampire child to be born. Her natures are fighting with each other. The human nature hates him yet the vampire instincts want her to mate with him. Every time her vampire nature takes over, at her creator/fathers will, she becomes some sex starved wild thing. Alex has to find a way to break the hold over her without getting her pregnant. 
  Now for my problem. He breaks the hold by tying her down while her human half is in control and forcing her to have sex. Needless to say she isn't happy with him but the hold her creator had over her is broken and he didn't share his seed with her so she should be safe. At the end of the book though he has sex with her and half way through her vampire nature comes out. He doesn't try to stop or anything and the book ends with her supposedly preggers. I mean really? All that and he couldn't stop or use a damn condom? That made no sense to me. I also don't like the whole force thing. It wasn't a game, she didn't want him. I get why he did it, but No is NO dude. Still liked it but just hated that part. I give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars and 4 flames. 

reviewed by Stacy


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Stacy. I really appreciate it.
    I've also joined your blog and when I'm finished with Book 2 to the BL&S trilogy, I'll be sure to ask if you will review it. Your honesty is refreshing.
    By the way here's a spoiler . . . in the end of Book 1, Helena wasn't in vampiric heat so Alex's seed might or might not have hit "home". You'll have to read Book 2 when it's out (scheduled for release end of October - just before Halloween) to find out if she is or isn't preggers. ;-)

  2. Ok now I have to read book two. LOL When he felt her and she was "so warm" I was sure she was gonna be preggers. Could she actually be starting to like him?

  3. LOL! Well, that's music to my ears! Yes, he felt that she was warm there, but that's because she's human. Yes, she's beginning to actually like Alex, but she's having confusing feelings for Xavier as well.