Saturday, September 15, 2012

Where There's a Will

When good girl Haley Tillman is stood up (again), she prays for a dating miracle— and then slams the front door in its face when it appears! Ryder is half angel, half mortal, with powers to do whatever the hell he wants. When he hears Haley’s prayers, he is bound and determined to answer every single one of them.

I loved this book. It was definitely an eye opener for me. The whole book is about a girl that has a horrible opinion of herself. Haley sees herself as an overweight, unattractive person with no
sex life. She has a job that she loves but her "beautiful" neighbor covets her job and she doesn't see how she is going to keep it. She goes through an eye opening bit of lessons that show her that she has curves in all the right places and is actually a knock out, while her neighbor was a vindictive selfish B*TCH!! Yeah I said it (sort of). Haley has to learn that she is a wonderful beautiful person in her eyes before she can show the world the real her.
  Enter the sexy man, well Nephilim, that will show her how. Ryder is a man that sees her for the eye popper that she is. Helps that he sees her as a curvy woman with a beautiful body that he wants her to share. He also has a six pack and a cowboy persona. Can you say YUM!?!? I can. He gives her lessons on how to gain the life she wants through sex. Walk around all day topless, look at naked pics of yourself. Oh yes please give me one of him.
  The drama? He can't stay and she can't tell anyone about him. Want to find out if she can find a way to keep the Nephilim of her dreams and her new look? You have to read the book. Just make sure that you have a drool cloth. This book is so hot it's off the charts. Here is a line from the book that cracked me up.
  "What she had on wouldn't excite an old man overdosed on Viagra." Tell me you didn't laugh. Dare Ya.

5 Stars
5 Flames

reviewed by Stacy
eArc provided by Netgalley


  1. Oh I'm liking the sounds of Ryder. Love a good sexy angel and add in the cowboy attitude? Yeah that so works for me :) Glad you enjoyed it!


  2. I'm glad you liked it. He was definately one drool worthy Nephilim. ;)