Saturday, October 20, 2012

Destine by Katherine Polillo

DestineMichelle Cross is an average, seventeen year old girl growing up in a small town in New Jersey. Up until her senior year, her life has consisted of a rather unglamorous existence, until a handsome new boy finds her at school. Little by little Michelle’s world is turned upside down. The new boy claims to be the Archangel Gabriel cast from heaven, her best friend falls for the Antichrist, and come to find out Michelle’s mother has seen it coming all along. So instead of being consumed with prom and graduation, Michelle finds herself battling the evils of Hell in her small town. Can Michelle stop the powers of Hell in time? Can love bridge the world between heaven and earth? Michelle and Gabriel find themselves the pawns in a very dangerous game between an ancient power with a mysterious message and Satan himself
Sometimes your Destiny finds you...

   Shut The Front Door!!  This book was awesome and aggravating in a good way. You know how you read a book and at first you keep thinking "this would be a good spot to end it for the next one"? Well this did that and kept going until when it did end I yelled WTF. I need more and I need it now. Two bad guys dead and two missing. The girl moving in with her man yet not getting any. So aggravating! They need to get it on big time. You can tell that it is going to happen but are left in suspense as to when. The big battle is coming and it is going to be epic, but not sure where or how. Damn Damn Damn  I need that next book like now.
   Ok now that my rant is done. LOL  This was a great read. I felt so sorry for Michelle at first with the "loss" of her best friend. I mean what kind of friend would become that big of a skank in so short a time? Oh well minions of hell are slutty, go figure. Then I got to see Michelle pull herself up and come into her own. She faced down the bad guys with the help of the Archangel Michale and Gabriel. The romance between Gabriel was hot yet managed to remain pure. Learn something from this teenagers. The battles were good without over doing it and yet you still managed to have time to cheer and bite off all nail to nubs. I can't wait until the next book. I hope she kicks Alex's ass. Well actually I hope that it is the friend that starts the ass whooping. I give this book five stars. 

reviewed by Stacy
5 Stars
2 Flames (makeout and trying but failing for more)

Author Bio: Katherine Polillo originally planned to grow-up and run away with the circus, but after realizing that she had a debilitating fear of heights that squashed her dreams of being a tight ropewalker, she instead pursued a career in education. She currently teaches high school history and fabricates fictional stories in her free time. She never really out grew her imaginary friends stage, and instead has created lives and stories for the creations of her imagination to live in. When she is present in reality and not off on an adventure with her imaginary friends, she lives in a small, New Jersey town with her husband and their two spoiled rotten, ungrateful cats.

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