Monday, October 15, 2012

Regina In The Sun by R.G. Alexander

There's only one place left to run-into forbidden arms. Children of the Goddess Book 1 Children of the Goddess Book One When she arrives at Ye Olde Haven Pub, the sanctuary for Trueblood Vampires, Regina is wounded and desperate. Her only thought is to save the Deva Clan, her family, from the dangerous Loups De L'Ombre, the Shadow Wolves. She knows she will not exactly be welcomed with open arms. She is, after all, an Unborn, the lowest caste of Vampire. 

As a natural born from the purest line, Zander Sariel knows the rules are sacrosanct-a Trueblood mates with his own kind. But one taste of the young Unborn is all Zander needs to know that rules were made to be broken.

With enemies at every turn, Zander risks everything to save Regina from the monster that hunts her, his own kind’s ignorance and-if he must-her lack of faith in her own unique abilities.
Only together do they have a chance to defeat the shadow that haunts their future, and save their entire race from extinction.
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, voyeurism of an m/m/f menage…a plethora of vampire nookie.

This book was one that I found on accident and I'm so glad that I did. This was a wonderful book that I couldn't put down. The main characters, Regina and Zander, were meant for each other. No, literally they were meant for each other. Regina shows up at a Zanders club hurt and looking for sanctuary. He takes her in and heals her with one little surprise. Even though she is not a pure vampire, but rather a made one, after the first blood exchange he knows that they are fated. Together they have what is called a blood bond. Now they just have to make it work even though the council says that it is forbidden and that she should be put to death for being what she is.
  Regina is a Reader. That means that she can read peoples minds. She has more powers then that but I'm not giving it away. She is also wanted as a mate to the big bad Grey Wolf. Now she has to stay alive, save her "family" of made vamps, kill grey, keep her love intact, and do her mind thing. It is all one hell of a read. 
  Now lets not forget the sex. See Zander has a brother who happens to be bi. So as well as some great sex from the couple there is also a great three way with the brother his boyfriend and a girl from the club. Don't worry the brothers never so much as touch let alone share. After all Zander goes a little cave manish with his woman if anyone tries to so much as look at her. 

reviewed by Stacy
5 Stars
5 Flames

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