Friday, October 12, 2012

The Harvester by Lynn Crain

The Harvester -- Lynn CrainNOTE: This is an erotic menagé novel with EXPLICIT language and adult situations. 
Princess Sky Xera Nerezsh came to earth to avoid the normal succession path to the throne. Being the oldest daughter, she will be required to murder her mother in order to secure her path to power. Sky loves her mother and refuses this path, choosing instead to disappear in the vast reaches of space. When her past collides with her present, she has to think quick on her feet,
claim two men and a whole planet just to avoid the inevitable: a meeting with her mother. Along the way, she discovers true love and a burning need to be there for them always. Now if the other Harvesters can just keep to themselves, they'll have no problems. But who said true love was ever easy.

 This book was kind of a disappointment. It was had a great plot and the characters where nice, but it just didn't do it for me. There was a small conflict between the characters but nothing that wasn't solved quickly. Sky kidnaps Zane and Jaxon, drags them into a fight in outerspace, then falls in love with them. They happen to be lovers but agree that they can't live without her. The lack of any conflict between them even when there should have been a conflict seemed like something was off. The ending was also anticlimactic. You lead up to this big ending that is just never happens. It screams big fight scene coming and then just ends. 
   Now I will say that the sex scenes are awesome. They are very vivid and well thought out. They are varied by m/m/f and m/f/m to m/m. It is a little different for a straight person, but still worth a read. This book is only a few bucks on Amazon so I still say read it. Just be sure to have you partner with you for the "big" parts. I give this book 2.5 stars and 4 flames. 

 reviewed by Stacy
2.5 stars
4 flames

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