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Volition by Lee Strauss Blog Tour

Volition (Perception Series, #2)What doesn't kill you...

Zoe Vanderveen is on the run with her captor turned rescuer, Noah Brody.

They're in love.

Or at least that’s what he tells her. Her memories have returned but her feelings are dreamlike—thin and fleeting. Her heart can’t be trusted. Just look at what happened with Taylor Blake.

Senator Vanderveen’s new team of cyborg agents are in hot pursuit, and a reward for their capture is broadcast nationwide. Record breaking cold and snow hinder their escape. Someone dies helping them.

And their fight for survival has only begun.

3.5 Stars, 0 Flames

For those who have not read the first book of the series, Perception,I strongly recommend doing so as it picks up where the first ended. Volition is set in the near future, with genetically enhanced people, GAP, having all the advantages of the elite, control of the politics and extended lifetimes. Those who cannot afford the 750,000 dollar operation are called Naturals, and they are at the bottom of the totem pole. Zoe is GAP, and Noah is a natural. At the end of the first book Zoe was brain washed by her grandfather, all memory of her brother's murder and her love for Noah Brady are gone. But Noah does not give up, he rescues Zoe with the hope of restoring her memory of him. Zoe and Noah are fugitives on the run now that Zoe, somewhere in her mind, and Noah know of the atrocities her grandfather is willing to perform to gain more power. Finding shelter in a commune that is against any technology and abhor GAP seems like a godsend. Until Taylor Blake, a young man who Zoe finds attractive, threatens to topple Zoe's careful balancing act. And when another woman enters Noah and Zoe's life will she realize her true feelings too late? With her grandfather's men searching high and low for them and the million dollar reward on their heads, Zoe and Noah's world just got a little smaller and they are running out of time.

Volition wasn't as good as Perception to me. It isn't a terrible book at all, just the dreaded filler book! No, not so bad as that, but it is the book with a lot of interaction, not action, between the characters. The book that is building up for the next book which hopefully has big bangs and whams. Grandfather Vanderveen has been elected president and his first act is to build up a cyborg army (remember Jackson grafting metal to himself at the end of book 1?) to counteract the supposed Chinese cyborg army. President Vanderveen uses fear tactics to sway the public to his way of thinking. Once again Ms. Strauss explores opposing sides and their agenda. With Perception it was religion and science. This time its politics...enough said...we all know how differing opinions on how something should be done can lead to all out war. Noah and Zoe's relationship is on hold, both of them struggling to find the right path to follow. I think Noah has it hardest because he has given up his life, left his family for the woman he loves and she doesn't remember him; she's not his Zoe. He keeps waiting for her to remember, while Zoe doesn't trust her memories or Noah, though she is trying. I liked this book, Ms. Strauss is a wonderful writer, but this book is definitely the dark tunnel with a hint of light at the end. Definitely darker, emotionally, than the first one. I look forward to the third book in the Perception series, especially since Ms. Strauss was cruel and ended the book on a cliff hanger! Well played, well played. ~sigh~ Another one to add on the ever increasing list of books to watch out for. 3.5 Stars, 0 Flames

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