Thursday, May 2, 2013

Drowning in Fire Blog Tour

Nerita is tortured and put through more pain than she ever imagined could happen. Ahlic has captured her and locked her in a room where there’s no chance of escape on her own. He forces her to watch the murder of a friend. She strikes a deal to try and save lives but Ahlic is not the bargaining type. After escaping, Ahlic forces her to endure a traumatic loss and haunts her in her dreams. More powers emerge from her, shocking everyone and leaving them slightly afraid. While on her own, a witch shows her the future and tells her grave news. A battle rages in her heart; unsure of how to handle the revelation. She seeks Ahlic...but not to destroy him. Feelings she can’t control drive her to insanity and lust. Will Nerita give in and fall for what she’s been trying so hard to destroy?
This book was awesome. I will say that you really need to read the first book to even have a clue as to what is going on. Most books have a few chapters that tell you what happened and get you caught up, but this just dove right into the action. The whole book is action packed with magic, love, fighting, rescuing, death, you name it and it's there. We start with Nerita chained to a bed waiting to talk to Ahlic who has captured her. She is rescued by a nice kitty, lol if you read it then you get it, and her and Gavin escape. Gavin is of course the love of her life. In this book they go through some real serious stuff. There was even a time that I felt so bad for her I wanted to cry. That Ahlic guy is a real ass and easy to hate for what he does.
   Now after saying that you can imagine my surprise when she suddenly falls in love with him after she is shunned by her friends for yet another power. Not telling you what it is, trust me read the book. I couldn't understand how this happened. I mean yeah he says he is trying to change, but what a change of heart for her. It all comes down to the end when everything looks black. Damage has been done and you think it is over then all of the sudden it isn't. Yep just like that every plot twist make sense and the next book is ready to be read. Unfortunately I don't have it in my hands yet. Big emphasis on the word YET.

5 stars
3.5 flames (hot but not too much detail to be uncomfortably so)

reviewed by Stacy

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