Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stalking Shadows Blog Tour

This book is featured on the Awesome Indies list of quality independent fiction.Ripped from the safety of our world and thrust into a strange hidden realm on a quest to save her mother, Ariel aims to confront the Master Demon, but first she must defeat his bodyguard and reach the safe haven of Sheldra. She negotiates dangerous terrain and battles demons, spirits, rogue Magicians, giant water snakes and her own conflicting emotions.

Ariel wants to retain a clear focus on the task at hand so, despite Nick's protests, she insists of a friends-only relationship with him. But the very thing she hoped would simplify her quest only complicates it with emotional, energetic and hormonal turmoil.

Despite Walnut's continued guidance, Ariel finds herself constantly forced to rely on her own resources. Will she find the inner strength
and wisdom she needs to defeat Amic and continue her journey?

  Just got done with Stalking Shadows and it was really good. Most sequel books start off with a full run down with what happened in the first book and I hate that. I have never picked up a series book that is not the first and thought "Huh, bet this could be a stand alone". That is why this book was great from the beginning for me. It didn't say much about book one at all. At the end of book one she had rescued her mom, or so she thought, and killed her first major. Turns out she rescued her mom that was not her mom and still has more bad guys out to kill her. Stalking Shadows picked right up where the last one left off and got right to it. There are more battles and one adult situation, that she handled better then I did, I would have punched him myself. Nick is showing his feelings better and that cat is still rude.
   During this section of Ariel's journey she meets magicians and fights some big bad nastys. She meets a friend who is an enemy and an enemy that is a friend. Are you confused yet, 'cuase I am. This is a great story with love, jealousy, betrayal, battles, and hard lessons. I really enjoyed reading this book. Seems like she kills one big bad and pisses off at least one elemental spirit in book so I am looking forward to reading more of her story.

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Reviewed by Stacy
Stars 5
Flames 2 (this one would be ok for high school, but not lower)

given to me for an honest review

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  1. Thanks again Stacy, glad you enjoyed my crazy story.