Monday, August 19, 2013

Demons Grip by Tahlia Newland

Ok. I just got done reading this book and it blew my mind. It picked up right where you left off with book number two so you definitely have to read the other two to have any idea what is going on. The funeral for the beloved queen (read it and you will understand) is taking place and is being used to bring the Clans together. There was a lot of thought put into this book. Instead of just all of the action and the budding romance between Ariel and Nick, there was an added bonus of actually thinking. All of these books give you ways to be a better person as well as some really great life advise. They make you realize that how you see others can really effect your climb up the mountain.
  In this book Ariel has to make a choice that should be easy, but never actually is. If you had to choose between the man you love and your fantasies about him, which would you pick? This entire book is dedicated to the demon Emot and his ability to make you crave. This demon uses all cravings that Ariel has for Nick against her. Even after she finally admits how she feels she is still susceptible to Emot because sometimes the fantasies that we create are impossible for the real thing to live up to. You have to read this book and decide what your greatest temptation is.

Reviewed by Stacy
Stars 5
Flames 1.5

Lethal Inheritance

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