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The Devil You Know by J.M. Gregoire

Deziree Davanzatti is a thief by trade and to keep herself occupied between jobs, she owns and operates Onyx, a trendy nightclub for the supernatural citizens of New York City.

What else would a 400-something year old demon-human hybrid do with her spare time?

Following a drunken night of questionable decisions, the vampire Michael “Vegas” Tremayne leaves town with no explanation. Dez is left wondering if they made a mistake and if it cost her a price she wasn’t willing to pay – her best friend and confidant.

When he returns after two weeks of no contact, he comes bearing grave news that could potentially change the world forever….or end it all together. To make matters  worse, they suspect that someone they know may be behind it all.

An extremely dangerous chain of events has been set in motion and it is up to Dez and Vegas, with the help of his brother Lucas, to find a way to stop it.

From the author of Burning, the short story prequel, comes The Devil You Know, the first
full-length novel in the Demon Legacy series by J.M. Gregoire.

    In this book we meet Dez and Vegas. There has been a murder and Vegas needs to figure out who did it and how to stop the end of the human race. Yep not just catch a bad guy but save the world. To explain a little about that I should probably tell you that the bad guy is a demon, Vegas is a vampire, and Dez is a half demon. The bad guy, whose name I can't even pronounce, is looking for a stone to open the gates of hell. If this happens than all of the demons will enter the mortal plane and kill off all of the humans, vamps, witches, shifters, etc. See the problem with that happening? Now there is a plus, Dez. She is able to go to the murder scenes and "see" what happened and what the demon felt. Down side is that the more she does this the closer she gets in touch with her demon half. If they don't manage to stop the demon from opening the gate they could always close it. Granted it would take a willing sacrifice to enter hell and die for love, but it can be done. What do you think? Yeah, me too, hurry up and catch this demon douche before he takes over the world. Here is another thing to think about. It takes some strong blood magic to call a demon in the first place. Who was the dumbass that summoned him in the first place?

reviewed by Stacy

Stars 4
Flames 2.5

Here’s the information on the book:
Title:  The Devil You Know
Series:  Demon Legacy
Author:  J.M. Gregoire
Genre:  Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
# of pages:  152
Publisher:  J.M. Gregoire Books (Independent)
Release Date:  7/30/2013
About the Author:
J.M. Gregoire was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA and despite her abhorrence for any season that dares to drop to a temperature below seventy degrees, she still currently resides there with her two children and her two cats. Always a passionate reader, her love of urban fantasy books eventually morphed into a love of writing them. She is currently working on the Demon Legacy series and has an urban fantasy thriller project coming up that will be co-written with one of her best friends and favorite authors, Ginny Lurcock.     Website/Blog   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Goodreads

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Demons Grip by Tahlia Newland

Ok. I just got done reading this book and it blew my mind. It picked up right where you left off with book number two so you definitely have to read the other two to have any idea what is going on. The funeral for the beloved queen (read it and you will understand) is taking place and is being used to bring the Clans together. There was a lot of thought put into this book. Instead of just all of the action and the budding romance between Ariel and Nick, there was an added bonus of actually thinking. All of these books give you ways to be a better person as well as some really great life advise. They make you realize that how you see others can really effect your climb up the mountain.
  In this book Ariel has to make a choice that should be easy, but never actually is. If you had to choose between the man you love and your fantasies about him, which would you pick? This entire book is dedicated to the demon Emot and his ability to make you crave. This demon uses all cravings that Ariel has for Nick against her. Even after she finally admits how she feels she is still susceptible to Emot because sometimes the fantasies that we create are impossible for the real thing to live up to. You have to read this book and decide what your greatest temptation is.

Reviewed by Stacy
Stars 5
Flames 1.5

Lethal Inheritance

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Melissa Haag (Mis)Fortune Virtual Book Tour

Hopeless Cover Image - LargeOur world is being judged and we remain unaware. In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny glowing sparks filling her mind that represent the people around her, confirm it as does the bizarre inexplicable draw she has on men.

Struggling to find an explanation for her sight while dodging unwanted male attention, Gabby meets Sam. The chance encounter leads to a startling revelation - werewolves are real.

Hoping the existence of something so extraordinary might lead to the answers she is seeking, Gabby enters into a hidden society where fur is optional. There she meets Clay, the werewolf delusional enough to think he has a chance with her. Gabby's plans for her future do not include a mate, but rather college, career, and then a huge 'we'll see'.

Gabby leaves the furry hidden society behind when she moves off to college, but trouble has a way of following and finding her. When other werewolves start stalking her, and anomalies in the sparks she sees begin to appear, she must count on Clay's help or risk loosing the chance to find the answers she searches for.

These books were both awesome. They are about wolf shifters and the few select women that can be mates to them. In the first book we see Gabby. She is a young woman who has lived her life in foster care and is looking for a place to call her own. She meets Sam, an old shifter, who turns out to be a great friend. Sam takes her in when she looses her comfortable home with her current foster family. Gabby works all through high school to save money for college and freedom. There is a catch in the whole system though, mating. She has to go to the wolf packs place once a month and let the males that want to sniff her. Now you should know that she has no interest in a mate, any mate. Now with only one weekend visit left before school she gets bombarded with eligible males who want a chance. Gabby is understandably pissed about this but lets each guy sniff her. With luck on her side she walks among them and her luck holds out with no mate. She walks back into the building happy and ready to leave only to walk head on into her "mate". This book is about her struggle to come to grips with going to college and being hounded by a stubborn wolf shifter who is determined that she is his. Ok now lets add some funny. This dude won't talk to her, at all, and shows up at her house. Catch in all of this, he shows up as a dog who is adopted by her roommate. Yeah you have to read this.
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Misfortune Cover Image - Large
Our world is being judged and even they remain unaware.

Michelle, another young woman with an unexplainable gift, finds herself surrounded by the previously undiscovered werewolf society. Kept prisoner for the predictions that torment her, she meekly follows orders waiting for her opportunity to run. When her stepfather dies, she takes a chance and escapes.

After witnessing Blake, her captor, grow canines, she knows he will do anything to find her. She needs a place to hide and someone to listen to her predictions so her head doesn’t explode, but knows there’s nowhere she can hide forever, and no one who can protect her… unless she can find someone just like him.

Part of the fur wearing faction wants to use her, another part strives to keep her safe. The second book of the Judgment of the Six series will raise more questions about the purpose of these gifted few and Michelle will need to fight for answers. Will what she discovers be enough to help her keep those she loves safe from an emerging evil?

The second book introduces us to Michelle. She is a young woman who has been raised by a group of bad shifters. These guys are just straight jerks. She is kept a prisoner in her house due to her ability to predict the stock market. In order to keep her in line her two young brothers are beaten when she steps out of line. She is lucky enough to escape with them and is rescued by Emmitt who takes her home. His family turns out to have a secret of their own though, they are all wolf shifters. Emmitt makes it his mission to keep her and the kids safe as well as eliminate the threat to them. I can't say much about this book without giving away the ending of this book and a bit of the first one. Let me just say holy cow you have to read them. It looks like there will be a total of at least six books in this series. I laughed and cried with these characters and hope that you do the same.
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Both get 5 stars and 3.5 flames. I would say they are new adult paranormal.

                                  AUTHOR BIO
Melissa Haag Author Photo
Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch is her first published novel. She is currently working on book three of a separate five book series.

Website  Twitter  Facebook  Goodreads


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Jessica Gibson books on sale for limited time!

How awesome is this??? All of the books are on sale of .99 for a limited time. You know you want to snap them all up while you can :)

***Kindle Best Seller in Contemporary Fantasy***

Magic flows through Jillian Proctor's veins as surely as blood, but so far her life outside Boston has been peaceful. William Morgan blows into Jilly's life like a hurricane, unleashing her magic and sending her out of control. Unknowingly, William brings an enemy who only wants to posses the power of the witch. Jilly must learn to harness her magic before she loses it - and everything in her life is destroyed.

Amazon buy link

After the events of Mark of the Witch, Jilly at last begins to breathe easier though her powers are still growing. But can she harness them in time to confront a new chain of events that threatens to change everything?

Caroline has finally accepted her life as a witch, but when a stranger comes into her life she's forced to question her family loyalty.

The sisters are thrown together to protect a young girl from the enemy determined to hunt her down. Can they save her -- and themselves?

Amazon buy link

Ronan has lived for hundreds of years. In all of his years there has only been one for him. What will he risk to get back what is his by right?

This is a short story and is the prequel to Love and Blood and can be read at any point in the series.

Free on Amazon

Bronwyn Fitzgibbons was young and reckless. It was easy for Ronan to steal her human life and make her a vampire. She ran, but she never forgot him--or how he made her feel.

Rider saved Bronwyn from the new life she loathed and the new self she detested. His love restored her sanity. 

Now Ronan is back to claim her. She struggles like hell against him, but she cannot deny the overwhelming power of her maker. Will Bronwyn surrender to the one who could possess her utterly? Or can she find the strength to choose the one who loves her as she is?

Amazon buy link

Bronwyn left everything behind when she left with Ronan. She became what he needed her to be and forgot the rest. Too bad the past won't stay in the past.

Rider bursts back into her life uninvited, and is not the man she remembers. There is an edge to him that was not there before. Bronwyn is torn by guilt over what he has become and anger at being blamed for it.

When Ronan ended his maker’s life, he inherited a line of vampires and a whole set of problems to go along with it. Bronwyn must decide if their love is worth it, worth the killing, and the constant disruption of their lives.

Is love enough? Can Bronwyn find herself again and strike a balance between who she wants to be and who Ronan needs her to be? Or will she lose herself all over again?

Amazon buy link

Buy them, read them, love them :)

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The Dragon’s Call Blog Tour!

The Dragon’s Call

The Dragon Throne #1

By K.W. McCabe

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fantasy / Young Adult

135 Pages


The Dragon’s Call Blog Tour – June 23rd – 29th


In a war-torn world, a careless act of destruction wakes a creature of myth and legend - a dragon. Mankind unites to battle for survival, but when dragons enter the fray in human form... humans lose.

Three decades later, Cecily lives in an enclave with her father and brother. Ignorant of life before the war, she placidly obeys the restrictions imposed by dragonkind.


From Book Review Bloggers

While I had never read anything by McCabe before, it is safe to say that I will be doing so in the future. I loved this book and I can't wait to read more by this author!”

Author, K.W. McCabe tells a fantastically, suspenseful tale of dragon lore and human belief. This story is scintillating as it weaves a deadly plot of questions and intrigue. Romance is heady and strong throughout as love and loss follow our cast of enduring characters. If you enjoy well-written fantasy and suspense, you will not be disappointed. “

I loved the world KW McCabe created. The idea that the world is thrown upside down by dragons awakening and taking over is a new one...The villain in this story is awesome. Its been awhile since I've read a story where you truly hate the bad guy. While at times I wished for more detailed interactions between the characters, I truly enjoyed Dragon's Call and cannot wait for the second book in the series to be released."

From Readers at Large

A great YA story that has a bit of romance including forbidden love, great friends, mystery and a psychotic dragon to boot! The power of the "Call" will have you looking for more for sure!”

I cannot stress to you how good this novel really is. Even the editing is superb. Once you pick it up.....you won't stop until you finish it trust me here I know. I even had to order pizza for dinner. Awesome read by an uber-talented author!!!!!!!!!”

I can't wait for the next book in this series! I need more of these dragons!”
Click here to read the full review!

I really need to just say…WOW!”


Goodreads.com - 4.19 Stars

Amazon.com - 4.5 Stars

Barnesandnoble.com - 4.5 Stars


K.W. McCabe is a Californian transplant to Minnesota. She lives there with her family where she tries very hard to stay warm in all the snow. She has loved fairy tales, Sci-fi, and fantasy all her life, and has been writing stories and poems of that nature since she could first spell. She has worked, in the past, as a library assistant, a baby sitter, a counseling hotline intern, and as a case manager. She maintains that art and writing can only be done when inspired, and inspiration comes from a sufficient amount of laziness. Currently, she is working on Dragon Kin.


Tour Schedule:

June 26th

June 29th

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the Rockin' Chair

Book Synopsis: 
Memories are the ultimate contradiction. They can warm us on our coldest days – or they can freeze a loved one out of our lives forever. The McCarthy family has a trove of warm memories. Of innocent first kisses. Of sumptuous family meals. Of wondrous lessons learned at the foot of a rocking chair. But they also have had their share of icy ones. Of words that can never be unsaid. Of choices that can never be unmade. Of actions that can never be undone.

Following the death of his beloved wife, John McCarthy – Grandpa John – calls his family back home. It is time for them to face the memories they have made, both warm and cold. Only then can they move beyond them and into the future.

A rich portrait of a family at a crossroad, THE ROCKIN' CHAIR is Steven Manchester’s most heartfelt and emotionally engaging novel to date. If family matters to you, it is a story you must read.


Steven Manchester is the author of The Rockin' Chair (to be released June 18th), as well as the #1 best seller, Twelve Months (2013 San Francisco Book Festival award winner). He is also the author of A Christmas Wish (Kindle exclusive) and Goodnight, Brian. His work has appeared on NBC's Today Show, CBS's The Early Show, CNN's American Morning and BET's Nightly News. Recently, three of Steven's short stories were selected "101 Best" for Chicken Soup for the Soul series. When not spending time with his beautiful wife, Paula, or his four children, this Massachusetts author is promoting his works or writing. Visit: www.StevenManchester.com

posted by Stacy

The Rockin’ Chair excerpt



Alice could feel the sun on her eyelids before she dared opening them. Beginning with a squint, she was blinded by the light that engulfed the room. Taking a second to adjust, she shook off the two quilts that restrained her, and then grabbed for her flowered housecoat at the foot of the massive bed. Throwing it on, she steadied her tiny feet into a pair of worn moccasins, all-the-while wondering, Why didn’t Ma let me sleep in? It don’t make no sense. It’s Saturday…with no responsibilities to school or church. She felt tired, more exhausted than usual, but waking to a fire burning into her pupils was certainly not the way to start such a pretty day. Making the mental note, I’ll have to talk to Ma about the rude awakening, she stumbled and had to brace herself at the doorway. Her mind had sent some message that her body could not interpret. Brushing it off as fatigue, she started again toward the kitchen, thinking, Maybe Ma will let me help with breakfast?

Grabbing the dented copper kettle off the stove, she turned to the sink and let the water flow like one of the fresh mountain springs that ran out in the backyard. She lit all four burners, placed the kettle back on the stove and began humming a childish tune. The last embers in the wood stove made her nostrils flare at the distinct scent of burnt oak. Smells like the remnants of a late night’s chill, she thought, one of my chores to remove. But she couldn’t recall bringing in the wood, or lighting a fire. Shrugging it off, she snugged down on the robe’s cotton belt, folded her arms across her chest and continued to hum.

She wandered toward the kitchen window and, though she could not have fought it off, nor even detected it, her mind was suddenly exposed to a different reality. Like a child discovering a new world through ancient eyes, she peered out the window and her jaw went slack.

A stranger was busy at work and the sight of him made Alice’s mouth go dry. Her heart began to race and her breathing became shallow. Yet, though the man’s presence absolutely terrified her, his every movement was hypnotizing. Trembling, she stood paralyzed and watched.

He was a large fellow, maybe six feet or better, with shoulders as broad as his smile. In his fists, he held cracked corn, scattering it in a pattern so that every chicken had its fair chance. He was an old-timer, his face wrinkled and weathered like his callused hands. In the middle of that chiseled face sat the biggest nose. Curiously—as if she’d thought it a million times before—she decided that it showed great character. For a cruel second, he turned toward the window, making her squirm with anxiety. She relaxed, though, when she was sure that his liquid blue eyes had not found her. He returned to working slow, his every move filled with purpose and kindness.

But that moment of peace only lasted one single sigh of relief. As if caught in an inescapable nightmare, she watched the man’s three-legged dog limp straight to the window, glance up and tilt his head—cynically. Though she could not manage the words from her constricted throat, her eyes begged for the animal’s silence. Please don’t, she pleaded in her mind. Please…please…please… But it was not to be. The crippled mutt barked out his wailing alarm, calling his master’s attention to her. In an instant, she felt her knees buckle, as the room spun slowly—in a cruel sort of way. She tried desperately to hold on, but the last thing she saw was a red cap and green overcoat rushing for the house.

“Oh God...no!” she screamed, but the stranger kept coming. He’s comin’ to get me, she feared, and though her mind pleaded for her legs to flee, they would not budge. She collapsed to the cold linoleum floor and awaited the worse.


With no more than a stern look, Three Speed lay down on the porch, the storm door slamming in his silver-haired face. John raced through the parlor and could hear the teakettle screaming for help. Breaking the kitchen threshold, his worried eyes caught Alice lying near the bottom cupboard. Her frail body was rolled up in the fetal position and her thumb was stuck in her mouth. As if he were approaching a wounded bird, he slowly kneeled down beside her and held out his hand. She swayed back and forth, humming louder with each movement. For what seemed a lifetime, she avoided his stare. And then finally, courageously, she glanced into his eyes. For a moment, she looked as if she was going to accept his hand but, in the last glimmer of such a hope, she pulled back, retreating deeper into her tortured mind.

“It’s me, darlin’,” John whispered. “It’s John…your husband.”

“You do look some familiar,” she mumbled. But still, her eyes betrayed her lack of trust.

Again, he whispered, “Come on, Alice. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You’re just sick, ol’ girl.” He opened his hand even wider and watched as her horrified eyes gradually registered his words as truth.

Like an abandoned child who had lost all hope only to find that her parents had not meant to leave her behind, Alice raised her arms and began to weep mournfully. “I’m sorry…” she whimpered.

In one easy motion, John scooped his tiny wife into his arms and kissed her frightened face. Turning off all four burners—the majority that did nothing but lick at air—he carried Alice like an infant to their bedroom. All the way, he could taste the salt of her tears on his tongue. It was a bitter taste and he hated it, yet he knew all-too-well that it was only a small taste of what was still to come.

On the way up the stairs, Alice sobbed, “I’m so stupid now…so dumb.”

“You shoosh now,” John whispered. “That just ain’t true.”

He placed her back into their four-poster bed and, conforming to their daily ritual, gave her the two white pills and a small glass of water to wash them down. He talked slow and gentle to her, trying to remove her fears and keep her mind in the present. “Time to rest, Alice,” he whispered. “You just need to get some rest, is all.”

For a moment, she smiled—as if she believed him. But in the next moment, her eyes filled with panic and she pushed herself toward the headboard, scrambling desperately to create a safe distance between them. “Don’t you touch me, mister!” she screamed. “Don’t you dare lay a finger on me!”

She’s getting’ worse, he thought, and began humming a lullaby.

“Mama! Mama…help me!” she screamed out, but as she called out in a panic for her mother the pills began to take effect. He stroked her hair until her mind eventually removed itself from the harsh reality of now and found a more pleasant place to dwell. When John was sure that Alice would need nothing more, he kissed her and returned the cap back onto his throbbing head.