Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just A Wish Away by Barbara Freethy

Alexa Parker and Braden Elliott fell in love when they were twelve years old. On a summer day, while searching for sea glass on the beaches of Washington State, they discovered an unusually shaped blue bottle. The ever-imaginative Alexa declared it a genie’s bottle. Popping the cork, they were surprised by a rogue wave that sprayed them with a fine, cool mist. Closing their eyes, they each made a wish …

Before their love had a chance to grow, life, family and tragedy separated the two best friends. Now fifteen years later, Alexa returns to Sand Harbor after her aunt is injured in a mysterious break-in at her antique store. Braden is also back, but he’s not the innocent boy Alexa remembers. His military service has left him with physical and emotional scars.
Can the sweet love of youth be recaptured by two now cynical souls? Can solving the mystery of the past bring them to a new future? Or will it take a wish, maybe two …

3 Stars, 2 Flames

Just a Wish Away is a tale that grabs you by the heart and doesn't let go as two people who knew each other as children rediscover the love and trust life's experiences had taken from them. Alexa experienced first hand the pain and betrayal love can bring. Abandoned by her father after her parents divorce, Alexa is left to help her mother pick up the pieces of her broken heart. The anger and bitterness she feels toward her father leaves Alexa with trust issues in her relationships.
     Braden has never forgotten the girl he loved as a child, even after she left and he lost contact with her. Life moves on, and after receiving injuries while serving in the Army, he returns home to a broken marriage and no direction in life. Until a friend comes to him for help on the break in at Phoebe's (Alexa's aunt) antique store. When he and Alexa meet face to face for the first time in 15 years, he realizes that he doesn't want to let her get away a second time.
     I loved this story. It delved into the heart of love: compromise, discovery, hope, trust, desire. I haven't read a contemporary romance in a while, and Just a Wish Away hit the spot. The investigation plays second fiddle in this story. The bigger mystery is can childhood love evolve into romance between adults. Can Alexa and Braden throw off the disillusionment each has toward love, feeling betrayed and unable to accept the risk of having their hearts broken again. Just a Wish Away is the second novel in Barbara Freethy's Wish series. I highly recommend this book, it was a fun, easy read, with a surprising twist in the investigation. And of course, with a happily ever after!

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