Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton

I would have to give this book some serious props. This book is about a girl that just wants to be normal. Cameron is your average high school senior. She is friends with the popular crowd and she can read the minds of everyone around her. She has to keep this a secret or be called a freak and get caught by some bad people that want to use her powers. After the death of her father and the abandonment of her mother she lives with her overprotective grandmother. Cameron is trained on what to do when she hears plans from people around her to kill, rob, or do anything bad. Run in the other direction. Don't stop, don't help, and don't let on that you know.
Enter Lewis, the hot new student that turns up at school. He knows
what Cameron can do because he has the same abilities as she does. Only he knows how to help stop bad things from happening. Lewis convinces Cameron to go with him to a secret mansion on an island for help from a man named Aaron. Things aren't what they seem and soon Cameron is wondering if she has traded one cage for another as her powers are used in ways she doesn't agree with at all.

    I was a little disappointed at first with how easily Cameron is convinced to leave with Lewis, my disappointment was short lived. I believe in love at first sight, but only an idiot would act on it and run away after only a week and she didn't seem like one. Cameron let herself be used in this book. It was like she was trying to make up for daddy issues with Aaron and put all her faith in him. I almost put it down there and am SO glad I didn't. The twists and turns throughout this book aren't really seen till the end. You find out how she was manipulated from the inside out and what she does to fight this. This story had so many hidden plot twists and character turns that my mind was spinning. I would say you have to read this book.  Now I won't spoil the end for you by telling you the last plot twist, but I will say this, sometimes an enemy you know is a friend you don't. I know confusing right. Run don't walk to the computer and buy this book.

5 stars don't worry about flames it is safe for all to read.
reviewed by Stacy

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