Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Young Adult Genre

Recently my co-blogger and I went to Charleston, SC annual Yall Fest, a book festival with numerous young adult authors, many who also write adult books as well. It got me thinking. Why, as a 30+ reader, do young adult books appeal to me? Sure, while some YA books have a little bit of raciness in them, its nowhere near the level of romance and erotica books that on occasion make even me blush. Could it be that most YA books remind us of a time when we were more carefree, had less responsibilities, and for me at least, were naive of the trials that were ahead? Or maybe, and I think this goes without a doubt, its the fact that its damn good reading (pardon my potty mouth, lol) and it doesn't matter what they are classified under, they're good! Its kind of funny actually, because as an elementary/middle school student, I was reading Sci-fi and Stephen King, and very adult romances, but as an adult I'm reading young adult! I think the carryover occurred when I heard that Tamora Pierce had a new book coming out. I remember reading the Alanna and Wild Magic series in middle school and high school, so when I heard about the Provost Dogs trilogy, I was on board. It also helps that many authors are starting to write in both genres, such as Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole (if you haven't read Poison Princess, buy it!) Kathy Reichs, Melissa De La Cruz, and Darynda Jones (LOVED Death and the Girl Next Door Stacy's review)to name a few. Of course, it could also be when J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series blew up the book world and showed publishers that children could read books that were more than 150-200 pages long. Whatever the reasons may be, I love reading YA books, and I'm not ashamed to say that I had a suitcase full of my and Stacy's books by the end of the day at Yall Fest, I stood in line to have them signed (all the authors were so gracious, thank you!) and when we got home, spread them out like they were new clothes, oohing and ahhing over the covers and seeing who had gotten the furthest in their book. I think Stacy beat me that time, lol. 
     How many of you read YA and aren't a young adult by industry standards aged 12-17? Who are you're favorite authors, and what got you into reading the YA genre?

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