Friday, March 1, 2013

Timeless by Amy Richie blog tour and giveaway

Holy Wow.  This book had me guessing the whole time. Eva is a girl that was born into a world where vampires are everywhere. And to make things even funner the people that "saved" her want her to go back in time to kill a specific vampire. They have even been injecting her with vampire blood since she was four years old to make sure that she was strong enough. When she makes the jump things go screwy. She ends up stuck in the past with no memory and no way to get help. In comes Nickolas, the knight in shinning armor. He saves her and tries to help her. When she does get her memory back she explains to him what she is supposed to do and bears her soul to him about the man she was taught to hate. Now I'm jumpin back to the original time so I don't spoil anything and just saying, It Gets Better Still. I can't tell you anything else without ruining it so just read this book.

5 stars
1.5 flames

reviewed by Stacy


After the asteroid, Jewell, cripples the earth, vampires come to the aid of the survivors. Some only want to help, others merely want to protect their way of life, and some simply have to be stopped. Eva was created for one purpose … to kill notorious vampire Dominick Letrell. Neleh has devised a plan that cannot fail; travel back in time to when Dominick was his weakest and attack him there. Along with the help of David, the most intelligent vampire alive, the plan is set in motion. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong and Eva is trapped in the past with no memory of why or how she got there. What happens when all the rules change? Timeless is a story of betrayals, secrets, and a love that will change everything.

Excerpt #1

Don’t you miss your family?”
            I thought about his words carefully. No, I didn’t miss them; I was really starting to wonder if I ever had a family at all. “I don’t remember my family. Right now, you are the only person I know.” I shrugged.
            “And that doesn’t scare you?”
            My eyes narrowed with confusion. I rolled over on to my stomach so I could see his face. “Scare me? You don’t scare me.”
            “I’m not trying to.” He chuckled lightly.
            “Then what do you mean?”
            “I mean,” he widened his eyes, “aren’t you afraid that you might be all alone now?”
            “Oh.” I felt my shoulders deflate and my chin fell to rest on his ribs. “Well, I’ll … ” my words faltered, “I’ll just … ”
            He brought his hand up to stroke the back of my head. “I shouldn’t have said that,” he said very softly.
            “No, that’s fine.” I tried to sound indifferent. Realizing several things at once, I sat up quickly. He didn’t want me here. I was burdening him and he was letting me know as kindly as he could. I couldn’t let myself think he cared for me. He was being nice, that’s all. I would be on my own when he got me to the Colony. I had to keep things in perspective.
            Tears pricked my eyes when I realized that it was too late for me; I already loved him. And he didn’t love me back, he just wanted to protect me.

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  1. Oh you betcha it is on the TBR list, I hopped over after reading this post, and I also added Willow (Blood Vine,#1) as well - they just look so good :) Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you for reading our post. We love comments.